Dear Mr. Basco…

A little background on this:

I live in a little place called Oceanside, California. It’s an hour from San Diego and two hours from LA, so getting to conventions and gatherings is a bit cumbersome in terms of time and money. However, when I heard Dante Basco would be showing up at PMX in LA, I jumped at the chance to meet one of my greatest heroes and inspirations by whatever means possible. Dante Basco, despite the dominantly Caucasian roles in the American entertainment industry, is arguably one of the most notable Asian entertainers of our time. To think a Filipino played Rufio and did the voice for Zuko is amazing to me and makes me even more proud of my ethnic heritage.

Donning a Lord Jake English getup and saddling up with a couple of my buddies, we took the long trek to the Hilton Hotel in LA with the intent of having the pleasure of meeting this man. Alongside several familiar friends, Homestucks and other miscellaneous fans, we waited for several hours just for the panel to start, constantly standing our ground to ensure we would make it into the packed panel. Low and behold and way behind schedule, we entered and enjoyed half an hour of Dante Basco revealing his origins, his thoughts on his most familiar roles and his eminence in the Homestuck fandom.

It eventually came time for people to ask him questions. As soon as the lovely moderator motioned fans to orderly form a line behind the mic before the stage, I hopped up in hesitation, clutching the paper in my hand. First in line, I had with me a poem that took me awhile to write the previous night that you’re about to hear. Throughout the entire performance, I was shaking in my sneakers and trying to make my words as comprehensible as possible in spite of the pressure of the time limit I was bound to go over. From what I’ve heard, Dante had the most intense expressions of focus and a couple bouts of laughter. You can’t see it in the photo due to my phone’s crap camera quality and weird effects, so apologies for that.

By the time it was all over, I had made it. I climbed the whole mountain.

So Dante, if you’re reading this, I would like to thank you for being a hero and a huge inspiration in my life and giving me an opportunity to express that. Sorry for taking a lot of the panel’s time. It was a memorable moment meeting you, Mr. Basco.

And thanks to all the PMX crowd for sharing this experience with me.

This was recorded by my pal Jerish. Thanks for helping me through this, pal!

Supa special thanks to my companions David, Jessica, Jennifer and her friend for being with me through the entire ride!

You can read the poem without the stutters of Moses proportions here

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